Keeping hope alive
in South Africa

A global community united against economic, social, and racial disparity


Open Foundation SA is a non-governmental organization dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty, hunger, and violence through the provision of basic needs, psychological support, and sustainable skills training.

Achieving this mission is not simple. It requires dedicated action and work from committed individuals. 

According to the World Bank, more than half of South Africa’s population (55.5%) is living in poverty, with 25% experiencing food poverty. We are aiming to change these statistics to create an economy of true equal opportunity.

Over the last few years a few issues have come to light from calls for intervention into South Africa’s Gender-based violence crisis to the economic impact of COVID-19 and ongoing climate change issues.

Our country needs meaningful contributions to help curb the negative effects of these issues while ensuring that we help sustainably.

Our mission is to uplift those in need in Africa. To provide for their needs and to provide support where it is needed. To also provide training that they will be able to take and use to look after themselves.

What we do

We are committed to providing the necessary resources and assistance to uplift communities around us.


Open Foundation SA provides thousands of meals per week to communities around Cape Town, and when emergencies arise, we offer basic and emergency needs like blankets, clothes, and sanitary products.

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We provide psychological training and support for those that have experienced domestic abuse and other crises to help them work through these traumatic experiences. 


We also provide sustainable farming training and education. Training individuals to farm sustainably enables them to provide for themselves and others while respecting the environment. Farm training also helps reduce youth unemployment by teaching tangible and transferable skills.


If you would like to help keep hope alive by volunteering, or donating to our projects, we welcome you to join our community!


Stronger Together

There is a well known African proverb; “If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.” We would not have been able to help as many people as we have without the community that helps us. 

Thank you to our partners and sponsors for keeping hope alive!