Community impact


We have the privilege of seeing the impact that Open Foundation SA projects have in a variety of communities across Cape Town. Read on to find out more about the impact that our initiatives have had towards our mission of ending the cycle of poverty, hunger, and violence through the provision of basic needs, psychological support, and sustainable skills training.

Feeding Scheme

Since it was started, our feeding scheme has served over 500 000 meals and continues to serve between 5000+ meals a week to those in need. We aim to provide healthy and sufficient meals for everyone’s needs, particularly children and seniors, many of whom require medications that must be taken with a meal. Here is a sample meal menu:

Mince Dahl and Samp/Rice

Many of our ingredients come from the farming project we run at Lavender Manor in Malmesbury.

The Learn to Farm Project

The Learn to Farm Project has grown to take up an incredible 20 acres. Through this project we have cultivated over 3000kgs of crops most of which goes into our feeding scheme and families in need.

The aim of the project is to provide sustainable supplies while teaching participants to use farming to take care of themselves. So far 15 households have been trained to grow their own food through the project. 

Our farm project has helped us donate 13 000 family meals to date.


With your support, each day Open Foundation SA is on the ground in vulnerable communities combating hunger, providing basic needs, conducting outreach and counseling support, and offering basic skills training to help others reach self-sufficiency.

Essential Needs

With various issues, struggles, and disasters arising in communities around Cape Town, urgent essential needs arise. We have been fortunate enough to be able to assist and provide for some of those needs. Since the start of 2020, we have donated the following to those in need:

Through these donations we have helped 500 individual families that were in need. We are hoping to continue to help families throughout Africa.

Sadly, in poorer communities emergencies will be an ongoing problem. We need to continue to prepare to help families when they do arise. 

For the ongoing issue of essential needs we are always in need of donations. The donations will help support families that have experienced disasters, other families in need and the Unakho Children’s Home and Arrows of Hope orphanage Homes. Items that we are in need of are: clothes, food, sanitary pads, masks, toys, blankets and building materials.

Training and Education

We have a large number of students enrolled in our training academies and courses which help to upskill those in need. The Learn to Bake course is set to have 100 students per year. Our Fashion Academy is set for 30 students per year on a six month program. The Computer Academy is set for 200 beneficiaries to receive basic computer training.


Gender-based Violence

We are providing training and support in communities across Cape Town to combat issues around domestic and gender-based violence. We are providing 40 hours of training to community volunteers to better equip them to help address gender-based violence and increase awareness of this problem in South Africa.



Why I Give

Danny Diliberto

Ladles of Love


“After seeing Open Foundation SA’s commitment and dedication to the children they serve, we decided to increase our support and move to permanent bulk produce donations to cook and serve the community. We appreciate the humility and dedication of Open Foundation SA, and are proud and happy to assist in the delivery of their mission.”

Aaron Barker

Lavender Manor


“Our engagement with Open Foundation SA is based on our belief that they have the potential to create a more sustainable and equitable community. We were happy to donate a piece of land in-kind to support the organization’s ‘Learn to Farm’ project, which serves humanity and the planet by giving people their independence back by learning to produce for themselves and for their families. We believe Open Foundation SA has the capacity to bring about this much needed change.”

Scott Parker

Head Chef
Woolworths Head Office

“Together, Woolworths and Open Foundation SA share a commitment to ending the cycle of poverty and hunger. Together with Open Foundation SA, we can make a difference.”