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We are always in need of help with our mission, whether that be through donations, sponsorship or volunteering. We are always grateful for any assistance.

Donation options

1. Make a one-time or recurring donation via GivenGain ($)
Donate via GivenGain
2. Donate via Card / EFT / SnapScan through PayFast (ZAR)
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3. Make a one-time or recurring donation through PayPal ($)

Donate In-Kind

We appreciate all donations no matter what form they take. If you feel uncomfortable donating money or would rather donate in-kind, we have a few needs for goods and services you can assist us with.

To support our sustainable farming project, we are looking for more farmland space for growing fresh produce. The farmland would be sustainably harvested and contribute towards feeding families across Cape Town. In the future we hope it will help feed families across Africa.

Other goods that would help our cause greatly are kitchen equipment, computers, motor vehicles, and office space.

If you are a specialised professional, donations of services such as pro-bono consulting in accounting or auditing would be a great help to our cause.

Lastly, we are always looking for tangible items to provide for emergency needs. If you have toys, clothing, or other goods that will be helpful to families in need please feel free to donate them. 


For our feeding scheme – our estimated cost per meal is R5.00. This will consist of 200g of starch and 200g protein. Our estimated minimum target per day is 500 kids per each phase/feeding point, and we have a total of 9 phases in Kraaifontein and a total of 15 small organisations/soup kitchens in different communities around Cape Town. Open Foundation actively supports 10 youth, arts and culture organisations in Bloekombos and Wallacedene. Additionally, we have the children’s home (orphanage) to supply with food daily for a number of 50 people. On average, our meals will cost R18 250.00 per day to make. However, we are trying to get our food cost to a minimum by making sure that we supply our own fresh produce so that we can make meals that cost less than R1.00.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

If you would like to support our initiative in Africa and become a corporate sponsor we have several programs that we run which are in need of your support:


If you would like to volunteer your time to help out at Open Foundation SA, we run campaigns throughout the year and we would love your support.

We would appreciate support in a wide variety of areas and are especially looking for people who can volunteer as:

If you are not able to help in any of the above areas but have another skill that you would like to offer Open Foundation SA. Every skill will be of benefit for us, if you are a creative person, we could use dance instructors, music producers and photographers. If you are a writer or bloggers we could use your help to promote our work.  

We are also grateful for pro bono professional services, particularly as it relates to financial accounting, marketing and business development, environmental consulting, and policy and advocacy. We are accepting inquiries for student interns and prospective board members from specific professional services backgrounds to join our leadership and mission. Please contact us directly for more information.

Why I Give

Danny Diliberto

Ladles of Love


“After seeing Open Foundation SA’s commitment and dedication to the children they serve, we decided to increase our support and move to permanent bulk produce donations to cook and serve the community. We appreciate the humility and dedication of Open Foundation SA, and are proud and happy to assist in the delivery of their mission.”

Aaron Barker

Lavender Manor


“Our engagement with Open Foundation SA is based on our belief that they have the potential to create a more sustainable and equitable community. We were happy to donate a piece of land in-kind to support the organization’s ‘Learn to Farm’ project, which serves humanity and the planet by giving people their independence back by learning to produce for themselves and for their families. We believe Open Foundation SA has the capacity to bring about this much needed change.”

Scott Parker

Head Chef
Woolworths Head Office

“Together, Woolworths and Open Foundation SA share a commitment to ending the cycle of poverty and hunger. Together with Open Foundation SA, we can make a difference.”