Help us get a community relief shuttle to Keep Hope Alive in Disadvantaged Communities

We help fight key issues affecting disadvantaged communities in South Africa – and we need your help to Keep Hope Alive!

Right now, we support communities across Cape Town battling extreme problems and are working to end the cycle of poverty, hunger and violence in disadvantaged communities. 

We need your donations to help us continue our work with disadvantaged people in Cape Town.

Issues we fight against in SA:

  • Domestic Violence & Gender Based Violence (GBV): Between April and June in 2020, 9126 cases of domestic violence were reported. During those three months around 5 cases of rape were reported a day, in total there were 312 cases of rape reported. In the same period 65 women were reported murdered, that means a woman was murdered every two days during those three months.

How we are helping disadvantaged communities:

We are working on solving the issues that South Africa is facing by doing the following:

  • Cape Town feeding scheme: We run a feeding programme which provides 5000+ meals to various areas in Cape Town.
  • Delivering emergency supplies: We deliver emergency needs when fires or floods destroy peoples’ homes and tarnish their belongings. These needs include: building materials, blankets, clothing & women’s sanitary products.
  • Partnering with other great initiatives to fight issues: We work alongside other initiatives to provide for disadvantaged communities, these include Ladles of Love, Lavender Manor and FAMSA.
  • Running skills development programs: Working with Lavender Manor we are helping give people the skills and knowledge needed for sustainable subsistence farming. By so doing, we aim to help create localised economies and give communities the ability to raise household income and feed their families.
  • Providing psychological support & counselling: We provide a 24/7 psychological support team for victims of domestic violence, Gender-Based Violence (G.B.V) and other traumatic events.

Why do we need your help?

The community support we are providing requires transport. A key solution we are looking for at the moment is owning our own vehicle to help source and deliver goods, assist with skills development programs, counselling, emergency supplies and more!

A multipurpose vehicle would be a huge help for our mission because it would mean the following:

  • We will be able to transport farming equipment.
  • We can deliver food for our feeding scheme (currently serving over 5000 meals per week)
  • We can deliver emergency needs when they arise. 
  • We can transport volunteers to our skills development programs – including skills such as baking, farming, fashion and IT. 
  • In order to provide a 24/7 psychological support team for domestic violence victims, gender based violence victims and trauma victims.

Help us achieve our goal as we work towards a multi-purpose vehicle to continue our support of disadvantaged communities in Cape Town.

If you’d like to help us Keep Hope Alive – we’d really appreciate your support! 

Every bit counts, so get involved and donate today!

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