Nutrition Project in Northern Cape

Water relief support

The Northern Cape is South Africa’s biggest province in terms of Land. Most of the land is covered with the desert climate and little agricultural production because of dryness. The place has little industrial development as compared to other provinces in the country .It remains the least populous province with a population of 1.3 million people which amounts to roughly 2.2 % of the country population according to stats SA 2022.

Community support

The challenges faced by the communities in the Northern Cape are the same as any other place in the country. High unemployment rates and high poverty levels. Most of the families solely depend on handouts, pensions and grant money for survival. There is so much suffering in the area and nothing much is being done practically to help the people .The projects for community development in the area are negatively affected by corruption and makes it difficult to produce the much-needed impact.


Kids Kingdom Early Childhood Development Centre is one of our 5 beneficiaries which we have been supporting through our partnership with Ladles of Love with our child Nutrition program , through the efforts we have seen the increase in the number of learners from 40 to 78 learners this year but after the efforts of dealing with food provision we discovered that the centre was suffering from shortage of water supply, The community tap which lies 400 meters from the centre was dry , it only produces drops of water once or at most twice in a week . Without water ,it made it difficulty for the center to prepare the food , provide the quality sanitation for the kids which is a health concern . We reached out to many organisations with no help and lastly our break through came with Ladles of Love and we managed to get a kind donation of a jojo tank with a capacity of 2400 litres of fresh water.

The water means good health for the children to access safe drinking water and sanitation as stipulated by SDG 6 of the United Nations. The facility will also provide assistance to the nearby local old people to get access to water .Sustainability is one of our main drives for the community initiatives and through this water project ,the ECD has also managed to start a garden project to teach the children and possibly produce their own vegetables to use in the kitchen for the children’s nutrition . I wish we could partner and make sure that all our ECD’s in the area have such facilities ,thank you to Ladles of Love and our partners .

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